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Empowering Working Parents: A Deep Dive with Leslie Forde, CEO & Founder of Mom's Hierarchy of Needs®.

In this blog post, we break down Nicole's inspiring podcast conversation with Leslie Forde, the CEO and Founder of Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs®. This groundbreaking organization is at the forefront of providing evidence-based tools and resources aimed at empowering working moms and caregivers. By focusing on well-being and advocating for supportive workplace cultures, Moms Hierarchy of Needs is reshaping the conversation around work, life, and care.

Since its inception in March 2020, over 3,500 parents have engaged with the organization's research, marking it as the longest-running study of its kind. The study meticulously explores the nuanced effects of the pandemic on the work-life balance, wellness, and care needs of parents.

During the podcast conversation, Leslie shared invaluable insights, including a book recommendation: "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss. This book, rooted in Voss's experience as an FBI hostage negotiator, offers unique perspectives on negotiation that are applicable in both personal and professional areas.

One of the most poignant parts of the conversation revolved around Leslie's personal journey to founding Moms Hierarchy of Needs. After facing overwhelming challenges post-maternity leave, Leslie identified a universal struggle among parents to balance professional ambitions with personal wellbeing. This realization led to the creation of a supportive community and research-driven initiatives that address these challenges head-on.

Leslie emphasizes the importance of self-care and boundary-setting for working parents. She offers practical advice on managing time and prioritizing wellbeing amidst the chaos of daily responsibilities. Through her organization, Leslie provides resources, including the Time Check app, which helps parents track their well-being time and identify areas for improvement.

As we look towards the future, Leslie envisions a workplace where work-life harmony is not just a concept but a practice. She advocates for psychological safety, flexibility, comprehensive care support, and a culture that celebrates caregiving as a pivotal part of our humanity.

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