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Facebook Chat Troll Pics

A list of troll faces can be found on the Reddit page linked to at the bottom of the post. Yes, trolling via Facebook chat just got a whole lot easier. This trick will only work when using chatting on, it will not work on any of the mobile Facebook apps.

facebook chat troll pics

Have you ever logged in to a social network and seen an account or read comments and tried to understand if they were real or created by bots? Have you ever read about a topic related to your company and tried to understand if it was created only for provoking an unhealthy discussion? How important are topics and comments around the company and how difficult is it to verify the reliability in a world where bots and trolls are now on the agenda?

In a recent podcast we discussed trolls and how if you have an online store, you may have encountered trolls or at least some negative comments along the way. Click here to listen to us chat about what trolls actually are, why they do what they do, how we recommend that you deal with them and avoid fuelling their fire, and more.

A "troll"? Originally, before Googlenet, when there was the Internet, a "troll" was someone that hung out in chat groups, forums, and IRC that would post something to entice an argument. "troll" as in trolling. Like fishing, one trolls for their catch.

Her emoji usage is on point. She says "bae," "chill" and "perf." She loves puppies, memes, and ... Adolf Hitler? Meet Tay, Microsoft's short-lived chatbot that was supposed to seem like your average millennial woman but was quickly corrupted by Internet trolling. She was launched Wednesday and shut down Thursday. 350c69d7ab

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