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OSM Game: Build Your Dream Team and Win Trophies

These Terms are a legal agreement between you and Gamebasics B.V. (referred to as us/we/our in these Terms). The Terms set out how you may use the website ("Website"), other dedicated websites (such as ), our apps or any games (including Online Soccer Manager and Football Head Coach 2022), products, forums and services we offer through our apps or otherwise on any platform (all collectively referred to in these Terms as our "Services"). Please read these Terms carefully.

osm game

Fair gameplay is important to Gamebasics. You therefore agree not to share your user name and password with any other user or third-party, or knowingly carry out any activity which enables a third-party to access or use your account. If we believe, acting in our discretion, that your account is used by more than one person, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate or cease to support your account without liability.

All of the content and information contained in the Services (including the games) are owned or licensed by us and are protected by intellectual property rights. Examples include, but are not limited to: source and object code, trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, videos, animations, copyrightable gameplay and texts. In particular, any names, title, logos and designs that contain Gamebasics, and/or our parent company Miniclip S.A., are exclusively owned by us.

You will be entitled to a full refund for any in-app items purchased in the two (2) month period leading up to the Sunset Date. All refund requests must be made through the relevant app store or by contacting us here. Please note, you only have thirty (30) days after the Sunset Date of a game to make your claim, otherwise you will lose your entitlement to any refund. The reason for this is to ensure that we can abide by applicable Data Protection laws and delete all personal data collected from the game from our servers and database. Please visit the Privacy Policy page for more information about your personal data.

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Like many of our peers in the mobile games industry, we may use bots in our games in certain circumstances, such as where our games are real-time multiplayer games. As is standard for such games, bots may be used if there are no real-live players available, in instances of low connectivity or in the event of other technical constraints so that we can ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay for our users. Further, there may be a use of bots for first-time players to ensure the best introduction to our game offering.

Some of our games may include virtual items, including, but not limited to, benefits, upgrades, unlockables, cosmetics, skins, gameplay features or coins, cash, tokens or other in-game currency ("Coins"), in each case, available through or otherwise in relation to our Services (together "Virtual Items"). Please read these terms and conditions ("Virtual Items Terms") carefully before purchasing any Virtual Items. By purchasing any Virtual Items, you agree to be bound by these Virtual Items Terms and the Terms. These Virtual Items Terms are in addition to the Terms and if there is a conflict between the Virtual Items Terms and the Terms, the Virtual Items Terms shall apply.

Coins and items can only be used in line with these Virtual Items Terms and within the game account in which they are purchased or otherwise acquired. You acknowledge that certain additional in-game functionality may only be accessible in exchange for Coins.

Some of our games let you buy Virtual Items. You can recognise these games because they have an option to purchase Virtual Items, either in an in-game shop or, in the case of Coins, usually at the top of the specific game playing window. Games may allow you to buy different amounts of Virtual Items and may have temporary offers or sales for Virtual Item purchases.

Please note that when purchasing Virtual Items through one of our games, which you will have downloaded from an app store, there may be additional terms and conditions which apply. You may be asked to agree to the app store provider's own terms and conditions, which will apply in addition to these Virtual Items Terms. We suggest you read app store terms carefully and follow the process provided by the relevant app store.

We do not permit third parties to give or sell Coins and other Virtual Items outside of our games. Accordingly, as a condition to playing our games, you agree not to receive, purchase and/or use Coins or Virtual Items from such third parties. Any unauthorised Coins or Virtual Items that you purchase are subject to forfeiture at any time.

Generally, no. The app and website accounts are not always linked, but in some cases, such as for Online Soccer Manager the Coin wallets are linked. However, for some games there is no link, and if you purchase Virtual Items through one platform account, they will not appear in other platform accounts you may have with us.

You can spend your Coins in order to acquire other Virtual Items within the game within which you purchased the Coins. When you use Coins to acquire another Virtual Item within a game, the relevant amount of Coins will automatically be deducted from your account that is connected with that game.

We can at any time, without notifying you, vary the scope, variety and type of Virtual Items. Gamebasics has no obligation to make, or continue to make, any specific Virtual Item for any game. We may also restrict or vary the type of Virtual Items available to you based on your country of residence.

Users are prohibited from holding and using Virtual Items in multiple accounts in any manner that is contrary to the general purpose of a game and in violation of any relevant clauses of these Terms and Conditions.

Miniclip provides free games online and will process your personal information when you play our games. If you have any questions about our data practices, your rights or have any concerns or complaints, you can contact us at

We collect personal information from you directly, e.g. when you play games or register for an account, and also generate information about your use of our games, including game play and log data. More information .

We use your Information to provide you with our games, support and analyse your use, and improve them. We will also use your Information to respond to your questions. We sometimes send you promotional emails, push notifications and show you ads targeted to you in our games. You can choose to stop receiving these at any time, by opting out or changing your browser or device settings. More information .

We rely on third parties for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, including support services, such as game servers, support ticketing and game analytics. We also work with certain advertising partners to show you ads. Additionally, we share your Information within our group and as required by law. More information .

Is it legal to use OpenStreetMap in a pc game? My plan is to create a game that downloads information for streets, city names, and elevation to create the "game world". I do not plan to include any of this information in the actual code (it will be downloaded at runtime).

Yes, it's absolutly legal to make use of OSM, but of course you need to respect our open license. Also I suggest to make a prominent hint/attribution to OSM, maybe with a "thank you", as a crowdsourcing project has also some social aspects and check if you might release your game/libs/... as open source to give something back to the community :)

But please pay attention that your gamers don't start editing OSM to create levels or to do any cheating. This is usually one of the fears of our community if games make use of our data and the gaming community doesn't understand that we collect real world data.

BlueStacks is an app player that lets you download and play over 2 million Android games on your PC or Mac. Download BlueStacks 5 today and enjoy Android games on a full-screen display at a much higher resolution!

BlueStacks comes with a wide assortment of awesome features. One of them is Multi-Instance support, which allows you to open as many instances of BlueStacks and Android games (the same or different games!) as your computer can handle.

What makes BlueStacks so fantastic is that it lets you customize your controls in just seconds. The Advanced Keymapping feature uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you assign commands to your mouse, keyboard, or gamepad.

The game would be working on internet domain, but would be only accessible by password. The question is, is it possible to import the map to another webpage, and if is, how? Also when starting to create the game, is it possible that we would accidentally edit the public map, and if is, how do we prevent doing that? If the internet game would be hard to create, is there better ways then? For ex. based on game engine or other?

I've recently downloading openstreetmap's Planet.osm for use in an experiment whereby I plan to generate a video game world based off of the planet. openstreetmap's wiki hasn't been very useful, and all I really want to perform is.

Hello everybody.I am developing a game that uses OpenStreetMap data.The game is now in a puplic beta state. [edit: The game is now oficially released for Android and iOS]Everybody who is interested and has an android [edit: or iOS] device can download and test the game.I think I did all the legalities right to use the OSM data, but I would be very happy if somebody could confirm this.

If this game gets more attention it will also drive more attention to OSM, I think.The player can play where he is in this moment and if he finds some errors in the map he maybe will fix it.I did not make the game dependend of special map features or types of roads, to avoid people mapping wrong just for success in the game.

Wow, thanks a lot!I am working on an update right now that will include a todo list (raodmap) into the game, where you can read what will be the next steps and how I want the game to be in future.I will update this post when I updated the game, what will propably be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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